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Measuring a Driveshaft


1.    Customer Info:


            Name: _____________________________


            Company Name (if applicable): _____________________________


            E-mail address: _____________________________


            Phone Number: _____________________________


2.    Vehicle Info:




            Make: _____________________________


            Model: _____________________________


            2WD or 4WD:                               


            If 4WD is this the front shaft or rear shaft:                               


3.    Joint Series:




                Style:  ____________ 


                Measurements: D: ____________     E: ____________ 


4.    Length of driveshaft - please mark lines on one of the pictures below to note the measuring points and mark the length on that shaft.  If measuring from points on your vehicle please make sure to measure with all four wheels on the ground, this will insure your driveshaft is the proper length for "ride height".  Most driveshafts are best measured from the center of the universal joints or the center of the carrier bearing. 
5.    For "Slip Style" shafts - was measurement taken with slip collapsed or with proper slip? ____________


6.    This is being submitted for a(n)


            Quote/Estimate Only ____________.


            Authorization to complete the work as specified above ____________.


7.    Fax or e-mail your driveshaft order to one of our branches.